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Alexander Technique Cincinnati MusiciansGROUP CLASSES:

“I met Jennifer when I was desperately looking for relief from overuse injuries I sustained from playing my fiddle.  She was able to help me learn to play with a MUCH lighter touch, making my playing faster, easier, and more fluid.  Practice and performance is now fun again!”

~ Kitty McIntyre, Bluegrass fiddle

“Without a doubt, Jennifer’s teaching saved my career in music.”

~ Sarah Herbert, Trumpet DMA student at UC-CCM

“Ms. Roig-Francoli brought a bright new dimension to my bassoon masterclasses at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music.   She addressed in great detail the problems of performance anxiety,  pain, and stress.

But most extraordinarily valuable to me was her  perception  concerning posture as related to many of the world’s ‘Bassoon Playing’  concepts,  a field too often subject to individual opinion or to unprovable theories.”

~ William Winstead, Principal Bassoon, Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and Professor of Bassoon, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 

“A great class! I can’t believe how much impact you had on all those kids.  It changed their world.”

~ Mark Ostoich, Professor of Oboe, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music 

“I want to thank you for doing the work that you do! Hopefully I can put words to the depth of emotion and gratitude I feel! I am amazed at how much things have changed in my body, which I began noticing immediately after the workshop, even as I experienced numerous high stress situations and was able to stay unusually calm and centered.
The degree to which you embody ease is amazing and beautiful. While your words are, of course, very important in teaching this technique, the ease of your physical presence and what that conveys is beyond words. (And the beautiful ease of your physical presence playing the violin is beyond beyond words!) I haven’t performed solo music in front of anyone yet, but I feel a new peace and confidence!”
~ Erin W.:  Amateur musician, Indiana

“Jennifer’s work has provided me with tools for unlocking my understanding of breath support, which is so intrinsically important to my craft of professional singing. I now feel the emergence of a technical excellence for which I have long been searching and which is paramount to artistic freedom.   Thanks, Jennifer, for the gift of freedom!

 ~ Tom W. Sherwood:  Professional Singer and Teacher of Singing, Professor at Xavier University

“The class was something of a revelation to me, both as a teacher and as a violinist.  Jennifer worked with 6 violinists, mostly my students, for about 15 minutes each. During that brief amount of time she was able to diagnose and begin to help correct technical issues more effectively than I had been able to do with many of them over the past 2 years.

…It was both humbling and inspiring to me as a teacher to see my students unlocking areas of their potential that had remained blocked for so long. I was also quite inspired as a performer because I was able to incorporate some of the principles into my playing and I immediately felt new resources of expression and power as a violinist.”

~ Eric Pritchard, Violin Professor at Duke University, NC, and Member of the Ciompi Quartet.  Eric was inspired by Jennifer’s masterclasses at Duke to train to become an Alexander Technique teacher himself, and to take up the baroque violin.

“One expression that I want to use to describe my experience of studying with Jennifer is the “inspiration.” Inspiration about the freedom in my life, and inspiration about potentiality of my music. There have been many people talking about “inspiration” in my life, but Jennifer is one of few people who actually helped me experience it. When I played some phrase by Berlioz with my tuba, while Jennifer putting her hands on my back,  I was simply shocked to hear how deeply my sound changed!

…I have studied with so many ambitious teachers, who tried to help me sound “better.” While studying with such powerful teachers helped me a lot, it also made me feel that “I am not good enough.” I came to be obsessed with the belief that something is missing in my music. In this sense, Jennifer’s teaching was so different from other music teachers! She didn’t try to make me better. She just helped me to be truly ME.  No better, no worse.

As a musician and as a person, she reminded me who I am, with her words and her touches as an Alexander Teacher.  Paradoxically, learning to accept your self as you are, is the only way you can really get better. I’m sure that every students will get their own inspiration from studying with Jennifer!! That is her teaching.”

~ Yasutaka Tonoike, Tuba, Tokyo, Japan


“I came to Jennifer for helTrisha smilep in relieving pain and fatigue I was experiencing in my work as a professional violinist. Over the course of several sessions I noticed a new ease in playing as well as in every aspect of daily life, as if I had relearned how to use my body.

…I am now able to better listen to my body, and as long as I do, I can play pain-free.  An interesting thing is that even when not taking lessons, my playing seems to be getting even easier with time.

…Our sessions are enjoyable and enlightening.  With warm humor and sensitivity, Jennifer is able to pinpoint the source of problems, and also to encourage me to unlock avenues of self-expression.  She is incredibly gifted at coming up with just the right stuff at the right moment.” 

~ Kiki Bussell, Concertmaster, Cincinnati Ballet

“Our lesson today has worked magic in my playing!!! My sound is so open!! I had problem with my sound closing so much yesterday and the work we did today has worked wonders!! Thank you!”

~ JinYoung Choi, Flute, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music (CCM)

“While I first came to Jennifer for help with my horn playing, the value of her guidance has extended far beyond my musical pursuits alone.  Jennifer has helped me find peace and restoration through some of the most challenging and stressful points of my career.  Her compassionate spirit and hands-on approaches are invaluable and create lasting change.  She has made me aware of the negative habits that not only inhibit my horn playing, but also keep me from living with a sense of balance and freedom. Jennifer is an incredible mentor and I always eagerly look forward to seeing her every week!”

~ Natalie Douglass, Horn, CCM

“Have you ever walked away from an experience and realized that you might never go back to who you were before? After an 8 hour one-on-one intensive with Jennifer, I walked out of her studio and into a world where the possibilities were limitless. Every aspect of my life has been touched – my playing, my teaching, the gait with which I walk.

…With simple take-aways, like “My breathing is free” and my daily practice of constructive rest, I know that the positive effects of our work have just begun. I feel incredibly blessed to have found a teacher who clearly loves what she does, believes in the work, and has the gift to clearly share it with others. If you have the opportunity and the inclination, take the plunge, ask the questions that you have no intention of answering and surrender yourself to the possibilities.”

~ Dr. Jennifer Cruz, Associate Professor of Piano and the Program Director of the Music Mentors program at Central State University

“Jennifer’s lessons are fresh and full of light.”

~ Ellen Bierhorst, AT Teacher and Psychologist, Cincinnati

“As an amateur vocalist just getting back into singing publicly, I am constantly looking for new and creative ways to improve my craft.  I started taking lessons with Jennifer last fall having discovered she specialized in working with musicians.  Through her hands-on techniques and applied discussions on freedom of self, I have overcome many vocal obstacles.

…Prior to a voice lesson a month ago, I said aloud, “I am going to have my best voice lesson ever,” and I did!  The freedom I felt as I sang my classical oratory was exhilarating.  After my lesson, I felt more positive about myself than I have in a long time.  I attribute this to Jennifer and her techniques balancing affirmations of freedom with our studio work.  We worked on creating freedom of self as well as freedom in other areas of concern.

…As a side benefit, some of my osteoarthritis pain has lessened with these techniques.  I know Jennifer would say that I did all these “miraculous” transformations myself.  However, Jennifer gave me the tools as well as much caring and support.  I am so thankful I have been able to work with Jennifer who has fostered so much growth and happiness for me this year!”

~ Miriam Clark, Voice, Schoolteacher, Cincinnati

“Dear Jennifer,  I am so thankful for having had you as my Alexander Technique teacher this year. Through your guidance, I have realized my habits that have been hindering me in all aspects of my life, and I have learned how to come out of these old patterns of misuse.  Mostly, you have helped me become aware of my own innate freedom and choice.  I am so grateful beyond words.  I have been searching for something like Alexander Technique for so long, and I’m so happy to have become aware of it!”

~ Linda Duan, Violinist, Cleveland Institute of Music

“I know that even the mere exposure to this way of thinking will help us become more aware of the way we use our bodies while we play our instruments.  Even after your single demonstration, you have helped us to learn how to discover what we have been doing inefficiently with our bodies, and begin to make the steps toward more effective posture use.”

~ Lauren Piccirillo, Bassoon, Vice President and Music Chair of the Three Arts Scholarship Fund and Business Manager for concert:nova, Cincinnati

“When I was practicing before my solo recital, I finally understood what you’re talking about with The Art of Freedom. When I was happy and relaxed and calm, I was finally free to really think through every movement for every note, and once I did that, the sound came on its own!! It was ringing and beautiful and clear for every note and I have never been happier! It was the most amazing thing. And the best part is, I was able to play CALMLY!

…And in my recital… I went onstage and I moved my focus to the music, the notes in front of me, and it STAYED there, because I was calm and confident and happy!! And it was so incredible. I am just now learning, in the past week or so, how to truly focus in that way and it is so incredible!

…Thank you for teaching me to set myself free. When I practiced, I remembered all the little things I’ve learned over so many years, and I was finally able to implement it all and REALLY get the sound I wanted! And while practicing, too, I thought of “Stop. Think. Play” and it helped me so much! In my recital, I played so beautifully- Czardas- clearly. I mastered the fast part, I dominated it in the recital! Looking back, it was one of my proudest moments. Thank you for being a key influence in my success.”

 ~ Victoria Mairal Cruz, Violinist, Xavier University

“Jennifer is a very pleasant person, always calm and focused. Her studio has a warm, welcoming atmosphere. During lessons I felt very comfortable with Jennifer’s teaching, she shared good knowledge of the Technique and was always observing. After lessons I felt relaxed which had a positive effect on my neck pain.”

~ Roswitha Hoerder, Occupational Therapist, Germany

“When I first came to Jennifer for lessons it was mainly due to the pain I had in my back when I would practice my violin for long periods of time. I feel like I came with one problem I knew I had but in the process of our lessons I fixed problems I didn’t even know I had. I feel better physically when I play but also emotionally and spiritually. I have a greater sense of freedom and confidence.

…My work with Jennifer has gone so far beyond a musical stand point, it has influenced every part of my life in a positive way. I’ve learned how to relax when I play, but it has carried over to every activity I do. What I love most is that every lesson is different and inspiring. I feel like I always leave on a cliff hanger- and can’t wait to come back!

…When I walk into Jennifer’s studio I feel fine, or so I think, but I always walk out feeling better than when I came in. I always feel refreshed. For me lessons with Jennifer are as necessary and beneficial as the lessons with my professor at CCM. I’ve also learned some awesome practice techniques. Now that I know how great it makes me feel I never want to stop! I was just expecting for my back to feel better, but everything feels better.”

~ Rachel Lee, Violin, Suzuki teacher and CCM student, Cincinnati

“Since our session, I have been asking the questions, “Am I free? Is my neck free?”.   This has allowed for much tension release.  I have read about and done the Constructive Rest.  It feels wonderful.  I feel like a pancake.  I’m flat and spread out by the end of 15 minutes.  Even the muscles in my fingers were free from tension.  I have never felt that before! 

…I have focused on “slowing down” during my everyday activities.  It has allowed me to focus on the moment at hand, release tension, move in a way that is good for my body, reduce anxiety, be more accurate at the ask I am completing, and allowed me to interact with those around me in a very pleasant manner.”

~ Lori Trimble, Guitar and other instruments, Indiana

 “I began one of my life’s dreams pretty late in life. I am 61 years old. I started learning the violin 3 years ago. During the course of that time I had the opportunity to meet Jennifer and was lucky enough to become one of her students.

…Was there ever a time in your life when you stopped and thought how different things might be if you hadn’t been at the right place at the right time or not met a particular person or not taken advantage of a particular opportunity? I have that very thought quite often when I think of being one of Jennifer’s students.

…Besides being an incredibly charming person she is also just as honest and genuine. She is the perfect combination of talent, knowledge, and experience, but more importantly, she possesses the ability to communicate that to her students, a rarity.  I am just an amateur and as much of a beginner as you can be, but my concerns or problems are just as important to her as if I were a concert violinist.

…Among other things, one of my main problems is performance anxiety, not just playing in front of people but simply playing in front of my teacher. Jennifer has helped me tremendously with this.  I’ve found myself several times in lessons with Jennifer saying out loud, “Oh wow”, one of those “ah-ha” moments.

…Some of her points are so simple and subtle while others are more complex but she always knows how to approach each problem. Sometimes the solution comes in discussion. She’s always willing to talk about what you’re having trouble with. She’s taught me that there’s so much more to learning an instrument or anything than just the technical part. Your technical training should be as much about the mental and physical aspects of what you’re doing as well. I still have a long way to go in all of these areas but I feel lucky to have been taught this by Jennifer early on. In the two years since I’ve been one of her students Jennifer has become an inspiration to me.”

Denny Lynch, Violinist

“Thanks so much for helping my daughter relax.  She had me do the semi-supine technique and it was great.  What you have done with this Alexander Technique is marvelous!  Muchas gracias!

~ Maria Elena Cruz, M.D., Cincinnati

“Jennifer has a gentleness and presence that guides the student towards new patterns of movement. Jennifer is skilled with observing individual movements and helping the student understand them. It is a pleasure to take lessons from her!”

~ Sharon Kowatch, MSN, CNP, Nurse Practitioner, Cincinnati

“He practicado lo que me enseñaste para relajar la zona cervical y es muy agradable cuando consigo tener la sensación de que mi cabeza está separada de las vertebras…lo que está claro es que toda la tensión se elimina y esto en mi caso es muy bueno.”  [Translation: “I have practiced what you taught me about relaxing the cervical zone and it is very pleasant when I am able to have the sensation that my head is separated from the spinal vertebrae…what is clear is that all tension is eliminated and in my case that is very good.”]

~ Pilar Roig, Business Manager, Mallorca, Spain 

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for Jennifer’s private and group Alexander Technique (AT) classes at UC-CCM

“Jennifer’s approach to teaching AT is absolutely authentic, and her ability to explain the seemingly simple is inspiring.  Her joy of teaching and of life is contagious… Her teaching is extraordinary.”

“I had a few friends who really talked about AT as life-changing and a phenomenal experience.  I feel like it has been life-changing. Applying it to my violin playing is helping me make great strides.”

“She goes out of her way to make this a positive and constructive experience. I wish everyone could take it.”

“My teacher commented that I’ve made much improvement in my tension issues this semester, and said I’ve finally figured something out.  I told him it was Alexander Technique.”

“AT helped me stay calm and prepared for all my graduate school auditions this semester.”

“AT was so helpful to me…  I feel more confident playing with the knowledge I’ve gained.”

“It is one of the best courses offered at CCM.  Getting rid of tension and learning about the body is so beneficial to every musician.  Jennifer is such a fantastic teacher and is incredibly invested in every student.  She is extremely knowledgeable about AT and is a warm and caring person.”

“There were so many ah-ha moments!”

“I wish the course were all year long!”

“No more performance anxiety!”

“My teacher has noticed improvement.”

“It’s a wonderful class that we all in school should be taking.”

“My interest in learning increased.”

“Extremely helpful.”

“This course certainly exceeded my expectations.”

“My back and knees are better.”

“It makes a big difference.”

“Tension headaches are MUCH less frequent! I feel that I am more able to stay relaxed in stressful situations… There is a noticeable difference in my ability to control my performance anxiety.”

“She creates a comfortable atmosphere that makes it easy to learn.”

“My practice and performances are incredibly different.”

“My daily living has shown a huge difference by using AT.”

“There were no weaknesses in the instructor’s teaching.”

“It was a wonderful class and has impacted me (and my playing) long-term. Thank you!!!”

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