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What is your #1 challenge as a musician right now?
Tell me! I want to know more about your unique situation as a musician. What are you struggling with? What are you seeking help for? What are your stumbling blocks? What keeps you up at night? What do you wish you could learn as soon as possible?

I want to know, and I want to help! I’m not always able to answer specific questions right away, but I do read every email personally, and I do my best to respond!

The Art of Freedom offers private and group programs online, in Cincinnati, Ohio, and elsewhere to empower artists with effective tools for breaking free from stubborn pain, tension, anxiety, and other obstacles to life-enjoyment and artistic success.

All programs are based on The Art of Freedom Signature System
and the principles of the Alexander Technique

1. Observation and Awareness
2. Trusting the Inner Wisdom and Unity of Your Natural Design
3. Realizing Your Freedom and Putting It to Good Use
4. Allowing Action to Spring from Clear Thinking
5. Putting Your Heart into Your Art 
6. Practical Application to Achieve Your Personal Goals

Jennifer Roig-Francolí teaches essential mind-body skills for musicians utilizing a creative synergy of gifts found nowhere else: Jennifer’s life-long international success in musical performance, her expertise as a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, plus decades of deep personal exploration and practical application of universal wisdom, perennial philosophy, and meditation.

When you participate in The Art of Freedom‘s private and group programs, Jennifer will guide you adeptly into a new awareness, deepening understanding, and kinaesthetic awareness of the key mental and physical habits which are blocking your success and keeping you from fulfilling your dreams.

You will be given clear direction and effective tools for self-care, such as instruction in the Alexander Technique, Constructive Rest, Freedom Directions, Embodied Gratitude and Meditation, and practical movement exercises.

These tools are designed to help you overcome persistent mental and physical challenges step by step, so that you will feel empowered and supported on your personal journey as an artist, as never before.


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