5 Tips to Help You Practice When You Feel Down

If you’re human, then you know what it’s like to have a “down” day. Here are 5 tips to help you get over the hump when you’re dragging along and it’s really hard to get yourself to practice! Here’s a brief summary … Continue reading

Do You RUSH?! The Surprising Cause and Cure!

If you’re human and a musician, I bet you’re guilty of rushing – at least once in awhile! The question: WHY do you rush? What is the CAUSE? My answer to you: your music rushes because YOU rush. YOU – your whole … Continue reading

Magic for Musicians: the Alexander Technique! 3 STEPS

In today’s LIVE facebook video, I introduced the Alexander Technique, a mind-body tool that helps you get out of your own way and do whatever you want to do with more ease. AT has transformed my life and my music-making in … Continue reading

Interview: My Life, Violin Struggles, and Alexander Technique

I was recently interviewed by Jasmine Reese II for her blog at Fiddlershop.com! @FiddlerShop.com blog. Check it out guys! #FiddlerShop #MusicisforEveryone #Interview Here’s the link to read it:  CLICK HERE TO READ THE INTERVIEW Enjoy!!! 🙂    You can read about this amazing woman who travels around … Continue reading

My Performance Anxiety Exposed! (And How I Dissolved It)

Alexander Technique teacher

Last Monday, I presented my first LIVE facebook broadcast to the public on my new facebook page, and it turned into a really enjoyable performance experience (please “LIKE” my page – thanks!!). I was nervous at first, especially because I’d only decided … Continue reading

The First Step to Healing is Fully Accepting Our Experience Right NOW

Going inwards and feeling wrong… For some weeks now, as the weather has been cooling into autumn, the leaves are changing and nature is going into dormancy, I find myself becoming more and more silent and withdrawn, going into an introspective … Continue reading

How Can I Practice When the World is Falling Apart?

I still need to practice another 25 minutes today to uphold my commitment to myself. But I just watched a 20-min. news video/documentary about the Charlottesville riots. I don’t usually watch the news – or any TV, actually. So I … Continue reading

Violinist: “My Pain is Gone!”

In this post, I’d like to share a beautiful story that I’ve received from one of my online students, violinist Anne Brűggemann-Klein. Thank you, Anne! It’s letters such as this one that touch my heart and help spur me on … Continue reading