How Musicians Can Smile Through Stress…Even Though It FEELS LIKE HELL!!!

I haven’t written about this before, because it has seemed too personal. But being a musician…an artist…a human being……is PERSONAL. I have been striving for MANY years to integrate all aspects of my self, and that includes my work. Many people … Continue reading

No More High Heels For Me!!

I’m writing this during the intermission of a concert I’m playing with Apollo’s Fire, the Cleveland Baroque Orchestra, because I just experienced an interesting phenomenon with my shoes! I always recommend to my students NOT to wear high-heeled shoes, because … Continue reading

The Best Way to Deal with Musical Mistakes

The Alexander Technique is primarily a preventive technique. F.M. Alexander said, “Mine is a method for the control of human reaction.” The more we get to know ourselves, our tendencies, habits, and preferences, the more sensitive we become to subtle … Continue reading

3 Magic Phrases

My “3 Magic Phrases”: “I am free I don’t have to do anything I have time and space” They imply and include the “Reflection Phrases”: “You are free You don’t have to do anything You have time and space” “I … Continue reading

Violinists Have BIG EGOS!

Violinists have big egos! Is it true? Personally, I suspect that’s just as true as saying “musicians have big egos” or “people have big egos”. But what does having a “big ego” mean, anyway? And why is there a stereotype … Continue reading

The Problem with “Technical” vs. “Musical” Practicing

When you practice, do you think of different ways of practicing as either “technical” or “musical” practice? That’s a common misunderstanding about how to work on a piece of music. I think it’s very problematic, and goes contrary to what we … Continue reading