How Can I Practice When the World is Falling Apart?

I still need to practice another 25 minutes today to uphold my commitment to myself. But I just watched a 20-min. news video/documentary about the Charlottesville riots. I don’t usually watch the news – or any TV, actually. So I … Continue reading

Violinist: “My Pain is Gone!”

In this post, I’d like to share a beautiful story that I’ve received from one of my online students, violinist Anne Brűggemann-Klein. Thank you, Anne! It’s letters such as this one that touch my heart and help spur me on … Continue reading

Expressing Musical Emotion without Tension?

I taught an online masterclass for violinists and violists last Sunday*, and – as always – some very interesting ideas came up in response to the music offered. [*CLICK HERE to join my next online masterclass on healthy violin/viola posture/setup] I’d … Continue reading

How to Find Internal Motivation to Practice – Being Me

Finding motivation to practice is not difficult for me when I have a clear goal, such as a performance to prepare for. What I find challenging is to find compelling and consistent internal motivation to practice in the absence of an … Continue reading

My Onstage Disaster: What it Taught Me about Perfection and Happiness

This is a personal story by one of my CCM students, an oboist named Jacob Martin. Jacob had one semester of Alexander Technique lessons with me while doing his Masters in music this year. I’m not a gullible person. So … Continue reading

Exploring My Resistance to Practicing

In this deeply personal post, I’m sharing how I’m currently exploring my resistance to practicing, which is a recurring lifelong theme that crops up from time to time to help me grow and move forward as an artist, person, and … Continue reading

7 Tips for Violinists Who Feel Discomfort While Playing

Question: I feel stiffness and discomfort when I play my violin. What can I do? I specialize in helping violinists discover more freedom and ease in the mind and body while practicing and performing, thereby reducing or eliminating pain, tension, … Continue reading

Practicing Don Juan with Alexander Technique and My Inner Critic!

I’ve been doing a lot of deep work with myself, my violin, and the Alexander Technique when I practice these days. I’m discovering anew that making real, fundamental change can be scary, because it means confronting the Unknown and experiencing … Continue reading