The Art of Freedom® , with Jennifer Roig-Francolí

The Art of Freedom with Jennifer Roig-Francolí




The best musicians know how to relax in activity and direct their focus, thoughts, and movements for consistent performance and peak flow creativity.

As a successful performer and certified Alexander Technique teacher with decades of experience in music and self-care, I want to teach you how to learn these essential skills! 

Artistic souls have a special need for highly-attuned, empathic, and knowledgeable support as they seek solutions to physical discomfort, postural problems, and mental obstacles to inspiration and well-being.   

Learn how to relieve problems such as:

              • physical pain and discomfort
              • stress and anxiety
              • excess tension
              • technical limitations and inconsistency in skills-execution
              • poor posture and coordination
              • boredom, burnout, and blocked self-expression
              • relationship difficulties
              • fatigue, lack of focus, and low energy levels
              • negativity and career frustration
              • lack of confidence
              • a sense of “stuckness” and living beneath full potential

 “While I first came to Jennifer for help with my horn playing, the value of her guidance has extended far beyond my musical pursuits alone.  Jennifer has helped me find peace and restoration through some of the most challenging and stressful points of my career.  Her compassionate spirit and hands-on approaches are invaluable and create lasting change.  She has made me aware of the negative habits that not only inhibit my horn playing, but also keep me from living with a sense of balance and freedom.  Jennifer is an incredible mentor and I always eagerly look forward to seeing her every week!”

~ Natalie Douglass, Horn, Cincinnati

The Art of Freedom will help you…

✔relax your body, improving posture and energy
✔ be centered and calm, overcome stress
✔ get control over your mind and body for greater ease, joy, and success
✔ enjoy consistent facility and excellence in technical skills
✔ concentrate better
✔ stop wasting time and become efficient
✔ feel comfortable, confident, and at ease in your body
✔ change habits that get in your way
✔ improve relationships
✔ clarify your life purpose to guide all you do
✔ gain direct access to the inexhaustible source of your creative energy and inspiration
✔ rekindle your passion for your artistic process and share your best Self with the world
✔ live with integrity as you put your heart into everything you do

Jennifer Roig-Francolí integrates three areas of expertise:

  • three decades of international success as a prize-winning performer
  • the empowering mind-body awareness skills and hands-on teachings of the F.M. Alexander Technique
  • a wellspring of heart-centered inspiration arising from a life devoted to the deepest questions of perennial wisdom, meditation, and philosophy.

Based in Cincinnati,  The Art of Freedom serves the Tri-State area of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, and also offers online support and travel for workshops, masterclasses, and retreats.  

For more information, please join our mailing listCALL 513-923-0921, or email  Thank you for your interest! I would love to help support you on your musical journey!


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