The Art of Freedom for Musicians

Do youAlexander Technique violin suffer from…




If so…. there’s HOPE!

You can learn to enjoy STRESS-FREE music-making with EFFORTESS technique…while SAVING TIME in the practice room!



The best musicians know how to relax in activity and direct their focus, thoughts, and movements for consistent performance and creative flow.

You can overcome problems such as:

              • Physical pain and discomfort
              • Performance anxiety and lack of confidence
              • Excess muscular tension
              • Inconsistent and limited technical facility
              • Poor posture and concentration
              • Burnout and lack of joy
              • Much more!

 Jennifer’s teaching of the Art of Freedom and the Alexander Technique have – without a doubt – saved my career in music.
~ Sarah Herbert, Performer and Music Educator

The Art of Freedom will help you…

✔ Improve your technique and creative artistry
✔ Relax and overcome stress
✔ Get control over your negative thinking
✔ Transform performance anxiety into excitement
✔ Improve focus and concentration
✔ Stop wasting time in the practice room
✔ Feel at ease in your body and onstage
✔ Change habits that sabotage your success
✔ Feel inspired and passionate about sharing your music from the heart!

Jennifer Roig-Francolí, Creator of The Art of Freedom for Musicians, integrates three areas of expertise:

  • Three decades of international success as a prize-winning violinist
  • Mind-body awareness skills of the F.M. Alexander Technique
  • A spirit of Heart-centered inspiration 

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